The list of SPARTAN TAPE benefits is so extensive and so varied, it has earned the nickname “magic tape”. Invented in Japan in the 70’s as Kinesiology Tape, this method has challenged traditional thinking in the treatment of injuries, and today kinesio tape is used by practitioners throughout the world to speed up recovery, treat injuries and improve sports performance. It is no wonder that it has become one of the most widely-used therapeutic modalities in both athletic and healthcare settings.  

Here's what makes SPARTAN TAPE special:



Suffering an injury causes fluids to collect in the area, resulting in bruising and swelling. When these fluids build up, they squeeze pain receptors (sensory nerves) under the skin, causing pain. This combination of pain and inflammation is our natural reaction to stabilize damaged area, when rest and immobilization are necessary. Following this critical phase, the fluid should begin to drain away through the lymphatic drainage vessels in the area, allowing the swelling to recede. Sometimes, however,  the inflammation can compress these drainage vessels to the point that they can’t do their job and swelling persists. The blood vessels in the area are also compressed, which reduces the delivery of oxygen and nutrients for healing. The longer the cycle of pain and inflammation continues, the more delayed the healing response will be. 

When SPARTAN TAPE is applied correctly to the skin over an injured area, the elasticity in the tape gently lifts the skin, creating small convolutions or wrinkles on its surface, which can sometimes be seen in the tape as well. These convolutions create a microscopic space between the skin and the tissues below, with alternating areas of negative and positive pressure. In the negative pressure areas, the lymphatic vessels can open, allowing drainage of excess fluid away from the area, reducing the pressure on the blood vessels and pain receptors. As blood flow improves, the enhanced delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the injured tissues accelerates the healing process.